Standing - make the case to your MP


On Monday 25th June MPs will debate the issue of standing at football as Parliament considers an e-petition "relating to allowing Premier League and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing".

One simple action you can take to help is to contact your MP and explain your support for the campaign, while encouraging them to speak positively at the Westminster Hall debate. It'll take no more than five minutes to do, and the steps are pretty straightforward:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your post code
  3. Click on your MP's name
  4. Complete the online form and make your case for standing at football

It's better if MP's receive individually tailored emails, rather than templates, but if you're stuck for a form of wording have a look at our Stand Up For Choice page and send them that link along with your own experiences and views. 

If your MP does get back in touch with points you disagree with, keep it polite but don't be afraid to tell them why/how you think they are wrong - again the Stand Up For Choice page is a resource to help with that (see 'More Information' section).