Fans win ticket price battles


We’ve seen two examples in the last month of fans standing up to clubs and making their voices heard regarding ticket prices, they’re both different, but in their own way equally significant. And we’re happy to say, not only did the fans and FSF have their voices heard, but we actually forced change.

Firstly at Loftus Road where numerous supporters’ groups including QPR LSA and QPR 1st joined together to campaign against extortionate increases announced in September. The price rises would have seen many thousands at QPR (including away fans) forking out £50 to watch Championship football.

After pressure from fans the club backtracked and scrapped many (though not all) of the planned increases, including those for the Loft and away fans.

John Reid, of QPR LSA and an FSF member, who attended the meeting said: “Many increases have been withdrawn and this is due not only to our united action, but also the work of Derby County fans, the FSF and the Football League.”

We’ve also heard from some Unhappy Hammers this month who pointed out that the club hadn’t been passing on concessionary rates to many of their own fans! This applies to those aged 16-17 who attended WBA away, and those aged 16-20 who bought tickets for the Hammers trip to Craven Cottage. If you fall into this category, email the FSF, and we’ll look to get you a refund. With your money saved you could join the FSF!

This first came to light just over two weeks ago and we quickly pointed out to West Ham that they were in breach of the guidelines. The club got back to us and changed their policy, amending ticket prices for the game at Fulham which was played on Saturday September 27.

After this success we’re waiting to hear back and see if they’re going to contact those who were overcharged. While there’s no suggestion that this was a deliberate ploy by West Ham, it’s unacceptable for clubs to rip-off their own fans and do nothing to rectify it. Not even a note on their own website.

We’re still hopeful the club’s ticket office will see sense, if not we’ll be letting the relevant authorities know.