Eating and Drinking


The main concentration of bars and cafes can be found around Places Jean Jaurés, Rue de Martys de Vingré and Rue Georges Dupré in the city centre, and the area acts as a real hub for the city after dark.

Saint-Étienne has a large student population, and there’s a good mix of different types of bar, club and pub to cater to all tastes. Le Picca (Place Neuve) is a big favourite with the city’s young population.

The Vert Bouteille (Rue des Martyrs de Vingré) is a favourite with locals for its great range of wines. Nomad serves a range of local specialties in a contemporary style, while the Absinthe Café caters more to the French classical style of cuisine.

For those looking for a taste of home, Le Soggy Bottom (rue de la Résistance) is an Irish pub with a decent mixture of domestic and imported beers. There’s also Le Smoking Dog on rue George Dupré, the Crazy Leprechaun on Rue Notre Dame and the Crossroad Tavern on Rue Etienne Mimard.

If you prefer a drop of the grape to the grain, then l’Obobar (Rue Léon Nautin) is a nice little wine bar that also offers local Saint-Etienne dishes.