The Saint-Étienne tourist office website has an interactive listing of the various accommodation split into categories (hotels, gites, B&B’s, camping) but the range on offer is somewhat limited as Saint-Étienne is not a tourist hotspot. We’d expect availability around fixtures in the city to be incredibly limited.

Where possible, we’d urge you to book in advance rather than turning up with an expectation of being able to find something on the day.

Uefa also has an official accommodation partner - HomeAway ( which works on a similar basis to Airbnb, offering flats, apartments and houses in and around host cities. Their search function splits properties between each host city, making it easy to use.

We’re expecting a majority of fans visiting for matches in Saint-Étienne to stay in nearby Lyon, thanks to its much more developed tourist infrastructure. It’s a short drive/train ride away, so check out our city guide to Lyon for more information on places to stay.