Twenty's Plenty

The FSF's Twenty's Plenty campaign has been running since 2013, and during the three seasons that followed has saved match-going fans millions of pounds.

Since 2013 a whole range of activities led by the FSF, with vital support from affiliated groups, has kept the heat on clubs. From weekends of action, to demos outside Premier League HQ to email campaigns targeting club CEOs, petitions to questions in Parliament - we ensured the issue of ticket prices stayed in the spotlight.

In March 2016, it was announced that away tickets in the Premier League would be capped at £30 - a huge victory for the campaign.

It isn't £20 but when campaigning on the issue began in 2013, with away fans at some games paying more than £60 for a match ticket, naysayers said that campaigners were wasting their time and clubs wouldn't countenance a league-wide price cap. The pessimists were wrong.