Actions for fans

How can I help? In past years we've encouraged fans to lobby MPs to support EDM 573 and sign petitions which helped get the issue in the national media and in front of politicians.

In more recent times the campaign has focused on winning over football industry support. Many clubs are now supportive of the campaign - dozens back the FSF's Safe Standing Campaign while many others have expressed their support for the concept more generally - and the Football League also called for a safe standing pilot in February 2014.

This means actions can vary widely from club-to-club but options include club-specific surveys or organising a visit from the Safe Standing Roadshow to your club.

Fans can also lobby their MPs as Parliamentary support is greatly appreciated and there needs to be movement from the Government to allow a rail seat trial. You can find your MP via and, if required, you can download a safe standing template letter here (although we'd encourage fans to put things in their own words where possible).

  • If you'd like to help email and we'll add you to the volunteers list (include club/location) and discuss further activites.