Stuart Roy Clarke's Homes of Football


Here at the FSF we're big fans of Stuart Roy Clarke's Homes of Football. As many readers will already know, Stuart's kindly let us use his superb images in years gone by and he's a regular presence at FSF events and awards nights.

Across four decades Stuart's unique work has charted a changing game. Yes, there's on-field action, but there's a real focus on fans too. Stuart also understands the role that stadiums (and their architecture) play in our love of football. Many of them might now be housing estates or supermarkets, but Stuart's pictures ensure they'll never be forgotten.

Want to know more? Stuart's kindly agreed to write a monthly blog for the FSF explaining the thinking and background stories to his best shots. If there's a picture that's caught your attention that you'd like to ask him about it, email the FSF.

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