Bury FC: update on our work

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The FSA has continued to support Bury FC fans in recent weeks as they look to pick up the pieces following their expulsion from the EFL. Below is an update on our work...

With an HMRC winding up order for unpaid National Insurance due to be heard in the High Court on October 16th Bury FC face another cliff-edge moment next week.

How disgraced owner Steve Dale plans to react is not known. Despite Bury FC being expelled from the EFL and EFL clubs rejecting a plea for readmission to League 2 next season Dale’s company retains membership of the FA.

A ‘rescue board’ made up of club supporters including local politicians and representatives of supporters’ trust Forever Bury is in talks with a potential buyer which they hope will give the club a lifeline.

Bury fans have been here before of course and the lack of any information on the as yet unidentified bidder has raised some concern amongst the Bury FC fan base. At a recent meeting of Forever Bury the Trust Board sought to reassure members that the bidder was a ‘local individual’ who in their opinion was ‘well motivated’. Should the latest ‘credible bidder’ fail to deliver a satisfactory outcome then the same meeting of fans endorsed the pursuit of a ‘plan B’ and a steering group has been established to explore setting up a phoenix club.

When asked ‘why buy the old company from Steve Dale?’, the rescue board will say that doing so will allow the club to be placed in a higher position in the non-league pyramid than if a phoenix club was launched.

FSA staff attended a meeting of the phoenix steering group last week to offer support and advice and were hugely encouraged by the level of expertise, positivity and professionalism in the room. Some preliminary work on a business plan and a groundshare agreement has already begun. Fans have started to map out the process for getting an application to the FA ready.

On Sunday October 20th at 1pm a Bury FC legends XI will play against a Bury FC All Stars XI. The match is being held at local Northern Premier League Radcliffe FC’s ground. Plymouth Argyle manager Ryan Lowe, a former Bury player and who until earlier this year was the manager at Bury has agreed to play in the match to show his support for his old club.

Bury fans have received a huge number of messages of support from fans across the country and everyone will be wishing them well and, that one way or another, they have a club to follow next season.

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