Homes of Football: "The Away Support" FC United, 2010

In this regular blog photographer Stuart Roy Clarke will explain the thinking behind his best Homes of Football images (available to buy here)...

"The Away Support" FC United at Buxton 2010 (©StuartRoyClarke)

The dog watches every move. Even moving behind the goal nets for the second half.

What was I thinking at the time I took this? I was thinking "gone to the dogs", "man's best friend", "you can lead a horse to water but...". What I saw that day is the intrinsic worth of football as a social outing and spectacle. The dog's intent showed this. FC United have this policy of "everyone come along" which added to the sense that plus one being a dog was the perfect portrayal for this new breed of club coming out of Manchester.

Technically, I knew that all of us being creatures of habit, I only had to have patience to capture the dog at the right moment, having seen this precise look a few minutes before. It's the cover of my book, WHERE THE HEART IS, out any day now.


Stuart Roy Clarke.

Copyright Stuart Roy Clarke