All Party Parliamentary Group for Football Supporters

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The Football Supporters' Association supports the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Football Supporters. 

  • If you are a Member of Parliament / House of Lords and wish to find out more about the APPG email or call Michael on 0330 44 000 44.

The cross-party group is chaired by Ian Mearns MP (Labour), a season ticket holder at St James’ Park, and aims to strengthen the voice of football fans in Parliament. The FSA will provide secretariat duties for the group which aims "to represent the interests of match-going football fans and to support the aims and objectives of the Football Supporters' Association". 

Last meeting: Club emergencies - How do we prevent more Burys? (Weds 4th September, 5pm, Committee Room 20)

Bury FC's expulsion from the EFL has once again highlighted the issue of football governance and the need to act now. The Football Supporters' Association has long campaigned for reforms in the way football is regulated in order to avoid the shocking scenario which has played out at Bury, and that which is happening at Bolton Wanderers.

The current system whereby owners self-regulate their fellow owners is a massive conflict of interests and is simply not working. We need stronger regulations to prevent further insolvencies and to protect our clubs who should be afforded levels of protection in keeping with listed buildings or conservation areas.

FSA chief executive Kevin Miles and vice chair Tom Greatrex launched our comprehensive Improving the Regulation of Professional Football Clubs paper. It sets a course which would prevent future Burys but the FSA needs the support of members to make the FA, PL and EFL listen.

APPG AGM minutes (Wednesday 9th January 2019)

Group chair Ian Mearns MP proposed that, in conjunction with All-Party Parliamentary Football Group, both groups would invite leaders from the football industry to discuss football finance at a future APPG meeting. This was agreed.

Attendees: Adrian Bailey MP, Alex Norris MP, Baroness Harris of Richmond, Chi Onwurah MP, Chris Matheson MP, David Drew MP, Gordon Marsden MP, Graham Jones MP, Ian Mearns MP, Jo Stevens MP, Justin Madders MP, Justin Tomlinson MP, Lord Faulkner of Worcester, Lord Pendry, Nigel Mills MP, Toby Perkins MP

 Group officers:

  • Chair: Ian Mearns MP (Labour) 
  • Vice Chair: Ian Blackford MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Vice Chair: Damian Collins MP (Conservative)
  • Secretary: Gavin Newlands MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Treasurer: Jo Stevens MP (Labour)

Other group members:

  • Alan Brown MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Alex Norris MP (Labour)
  • Anna Turley MP (Labour)
  • Bill Esterson MP (Labour)
  • Chi Onwurah MP (Labour)
  • Chris Matheson MP (Labour)
  • Clive Betts MP (Labour)
  • Clive Efford MP (Labour)
  • Chris Green MP (Conservative)
  • Chris Stephens MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Damian Green MP (Conservative)
  • Dan Carden MP (Labour)
  • Dawn Butler MP (Labour)
  • Gareth Thomas MP (Labour)
  • Gavin Newlands MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Gordon Marsden MP (Labour)
  • Graham Jones MP (Labour)
  • Grahame Morris MP (Labour)
  • Ian Lavery MP (Labour)
  • Ian Lucas MP (Labour)
  • Ian Murray MP (Labour)
  • Jeff Smith MP (Labour)
  • Jim Fitzpatrick MP (Labour)
  • John Grogan MP (Labour)
  • Jonathan Reynolds MP (Labour)
  • Justin Madders MP (Labour)
  • Justin Tomlinson MP (Conservative)
  • Laura Pidcock MP (Labour)
  • Lord Collins (Labour)
  • Lord Faulkner (Labour)
  • Lord Pendry (Labour)
  • Lord Triesman (Labour)
  • Mark Menzies MP (Conservative)
  • Matt Western MP (Labour)
  • Mike Gapes MP (Independent)
  • Nic Dakin MP (Labour)
  • Rosie Cooper MP (Labour)
  • Paul Williams MP (Labour)
  • Sharon Hodgson MP (Labour)
  • Stephen Hepburn MP (Independent)
  • Stephen Morgan MP (Labour)
  • Toby Perkins MP (Labour)
  • Tom Elliot MP (Ulster Unionist Party)
  • Tracey Crouch MP (Conservative)

If you have any further queries, or you are an MP who would like to join the group, email - please use the header "APPG".

Thanks to Robert Sharpe for the image used in this article. Reproduced here under CC licence.